How to Make a Martini in 8 Easy Steps

The martini has long been the preferred drink for manly men, the crème of society, and certain big screen British spies. But most do not even know where to begin making this fantastic drink. Unlike most alcoholic beverages, one does not simply toss everything together in a red solo cup and call it good. No, making the perfect martini takes finesse. Learn how to make the perfect martini by following these 8 easy steps.

1. Gather up your ingredients

Before you begin making the perfect martini, you will need to gather up your items. First, you’ll need plenty of ice. Cubes or crushed, it does not really matter much. As long as you have plenty. Next, you’ll need the correct number of martini glasses. These glasses should be chilled in the freezer for a minimum of one hour before starting the martini making madness. A glass pitcher or metal shaker should also be placed in the freezer alongside the martini glasses. Pick up a jar of green olives (forget about the pimentos if possible), and a bottle each of Vermouth and Gin, both of which should also be chilled until you are ready for them. Place two olives on a toothpick (push out the pimentos if there are any) and place them in the refrigerator. When your pitcher or shaker, and your martini glasses are properly chilled, it’s time to begin. Remove the pitcher or shaker and place it on the kitchen counter.

2. Add Vermouth

Remove the bottle of Vermouth from the fridge or freezer (you did remember to chill it first, right?) Remove the cap and pour just a single cap full of the Vermouth into the pitcher or shaker. That is all you need to make the perfect martini.

3. Pour in some ic

Place a hand full of ice cubes in the shaker or pitcher, just enough to cover the bottom of the container. Give it a good swirl to make sure that the ice is completely coated with the Vermouth. After the ice cubes are coated, pour out the remaining Vermouth.

4. Add Gin

Contrary to popular believe, and what we see on television and in the movies, a proper martini should not contain large quantities of gin. In fact, no more than 2 and a half to three ounces should be used. Any more than that, and you have just created some martini hybrid that just simply does not even deserve the title. So take the bottle of gin out of the freezer (remember, you should have already chilled the bottle before starting to make the martini), and measure out about three ounces, maybe a little less if you’re a sissy drinker, and pour it into the pitcher or shaker.

5. Shaken or stirred?

You’ve heard the famous quip by the insanely popular British Secret Service agent James Bond, in which he offers a suggestion about how he would like his martini prepared – “Shaken, not stirred.” While there is a bit of truth to that, it depends on whether you have used a pitcher or a shaker. If you have used a glass pitcher, you will want to gently stir to mixture to prevent bruising the gin. If, however, you are using a shaker, then obviously you will want to shake the mixture. Give the drink a few good stirs or shakes, and let it rest for a minute while you put your things away. Letting the mixture rest will ensure a good mix between the gin and vermouth.

6. Strain into martini glasses

After letting the mixture rest for a few minutes, shake or stir once more and carefully strain the mixture into martini glasses. You’ll need at least two, as drinking alone is always boring. If using a shaker, simply remove the cap and strain through the top. If using a glass pitcher, you’ll need to strain through a kitchen utensil to keep the ice in the pitcher, not in the glass.

7. Add olives

Before serving the martini, take your chilled olives out of the fridge (you didn’t forget, did you?). Drop a toothpick with olives into each glass, and serve.

8. Enjoy

Now just simply sit back and enjoy the perfect martini. That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now that you know how to make them, you can throw a get together for all of your friends and show off your newly acquired bar skills. As usual, however, remember to drink responsibly.

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