Five Indoor Activities to Maintain Your Fitness During the Winter

During winter it can be hard to get motivated to take enough exercise, particularly if we have to spend time outdoors. These cold, wet months however, can offer the perfect opportunity to try something new. There are a wide range of indoor activities available and you may enjoy them so much, you won’t want to give them up once summer arrives.

Martial Arts

According to Watford GJJ learning a martial art such as Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect way to get fit, build your confidence and learn how to stay safe.  The class environment is also a good place to meet people and because you carried along by the momentum of the group, there is no chance of becoming bored, in contrast to spending an hour on a treadmill.

Any martial art will involve learning a whole host of new moves and techniques. This is challenging and provides motivation to move on to the next level. Perfect for men, women and kids, it’s also a sport that the whole family can become involved with.



A warm pool can be an appealing option during the winter months and swimming is an activity you can take up regardless of your level of fitness. The buoyancy of the water helps if you have any injuries and the water resistance makes your body work harder. Swimming builds your stamina quickly, whilst also burning lots of calories.

If you are not sure of the best choice of swimwear or equipment, a company such as swim specialists Mailsports are happy to provide expert advice. Swimming is also an activity it is easy to fit into a lunch hour or after work if you are short on time, all you need to pack is your swimwear, shower gel and towel and you are good to go.


If you have a competitive streak, a good winter activity is badminton. There are many clubs up and down the country that are happy to welcome newcomers and it is a less daunting, and less expensive, sport to take up than say tennis.

Some clubs will even have basic equipment, such as racquets, that you can try out. This saves you the expense of buying anything new until you are sure you enjoy the sport. Go to a club solo, or head along with a partner. Either way you will get a good workout and in the process widen your social circle, as there are usually many after-club trips to the pub.


If you want an activity with a spiritual side, which also eases stress, yoga is the perfect solution. This is a form of exercise you can easily be fooled into thinking is easy until you try it out. Yoga burns calories, aids flexibility and tones muscle.

There are many forms of yoga, from the gentle Hatha, with its emphasis on stretching and relaxation through to Bikram or hot yoga, which is a series of postures performed in a room heated to 40°C. The heat is thought to loosen the joints and aid detoxification. It is a very intense workout and not for the fainthearted, but it is the perfect antidote to the cold winter weather.

Dance Classes

Dance classes come in a wide variety of options and dance is an activity you can try out alone or with a partner.  You can choose a more traditional tap, ballet or jazz class or go the ballroom route and learn to tango or salsa. Over the last few years dance has seen a big resurgence in popularity and so it is now easy to find a wide range of classes in almost every town.

The NHS states that to keep healthy, an adult should be doing at least a 150 minutes of exercise per week and this should be a combination of aerobic and muscle strengthening activity. Any of the indoor sports above will help you to maintain, or even increase, your fitness levels during the colder months, so you are ready for an active summer.

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