How to Get Drunk Fast and Easy With These 11 Steps

Have you ever wondered how to get drunk fast and easy? With these 11 steps, or methods, you can be on your way to alcohol induced bliss in no time. As with all things, though, care should be taken. And let us not forget the obligatory warnings: First, don’t try this at home. Second, if you choose to ignore number one, don’t blame us. We are not responsible for any stupid things you may do while drunk. With that said, here are some great ways to get drunk fast and easy.

1. Do not eat a heavy meal before drinking

One of the first things to realize when you want to get drunk is that having a stomach full of food can not only be counter productive, but can also, depending on the type of food, result in one very horrible night. First things first, though. When you have a lot of food in your stomach, it tends to soak up the alcohol, preventing a lot of it from reaching your blood stream. At the same time, however, drinking on a completely empty stomach is never a very good idea, either. A small meal at least an hour before drinking is best. And whatever you do, stay away from Mexican food before you drink. Mexican food, combined with large quantities of alcohol, is a recipe for disaster.

2. Strong mixed drinks

Mixed drinks are for sissies. Okay, not really. Unless the mixed drink comes with pieces of fruit and a pretty little pink umbrella tucked into the top of the glass. There are, however, more manly mixed drinks that one can comfortably drink without having to question their manhood. Rum and Coke, for instance. But if you really want to get drunk fast and easy, double up on the Rum. Sure, it may taste pretty strong, but after a couple drinks, you probably won’t even taste the alcohol anymore.

3. Shots

If you really want to get drunk even faster, forgo the mixed drink and just take shots. Shots are straight alcohol, poured into a small glass. Shot glasses commonly hold one ounce of liquid, but larger once are available. Find yourself a good alcohol (I love blue agave tequila) and down shots to your hearts content. Make sure and play it safe, though, when taking shots, especially if you’re hammering them back in quick succession. It takes a few minutes for the alcohol to begin coursing through your body, and if you drink too many too fast, you may be totally wasted before you even realize it.

4. Beer bongs

Beer bongs have long been a staple at college frat parties. The concept is simple. A funnel is fitted to the end of a plastic tube, the tube is placed in the mouth of the recipient, and a can of beer is poured into the funnel. Gravity does the rest. The use of a beer bong has, actually, become somewhat of a game in which drinkers enter into friendly competition to see who can drink the most via this method.

5. Alcoholic gummy bears

Alcoholic gummy bears are a great “party favor” for your guests. They are very easy to make, and require only a bag of gummy bears (which can be purchased at almost any store that sells candy) and a bottle of vodka. Dump the gummy bears into a bowl and pour enough vodka in to cover the candy. Let them soak for about 24 hours. The alcohol will seep into the candy, leaving you with the perfect sweet (and fun) party treat.

6. Drink with a straw

As add as it may sound, and look, drinking alcohol through a straw may actually get you drunk faster than sipping the same liquid straight from a glass. There are, of course, two differing views on whether or not this method actually works. The proponents of the straw method claim that drinking through the straw creates a vacuum that eliminates oxygen, allowing the alcohol quicker access to your blood stream. Some scientists, however, say that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this. The guys at Mythbusters even hopped into the fray and agree with the scientists. Does it work? You will have to simply try and decide for yourself.

7. Drink fast

Simple mathematics dictate that the faster you drink alcohol, the faster you will get drunk. One must be careful, however, not to overdo it. If you drink too fast you can run the risk of ending up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning because you simply ingested too much alcohol. When you drink fast you may not even realize you’ve had too much until it’s too late.

8. Jello shots

Jello shots are very easy to make, and requires only a few simple ingredients and enough time to prepare them before your party. Start with a package of your favorite flavor Jello and a bottle of alcohol. Vodka is a popular choice for Jello shots due to its lack of extra flavoring. Mix the Jello powder and one cup of boiling water together in a bowl, and stir until the Jello is completely dissolved. Add in one cup of vodka and pour into small plastic cups (these can be purchased at most party supply stores). Put the cups in the fridge until the Jello has set. When it’s time to party, grab a cup and “drink” the Jello.

9. Other crazy methods

There are many different unconventional methods that people use to try and get drunk. Most of these methods, however, cannot be recommended as they are usually not only crazy, but can be dangerous as well. The first method is called inhaling, and uses a European invention called AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid). A shot of alcohol is poured into the machine. The liquid is vaporized and then inhaled. Another method, called eyeballing, is a method by which someone attempts to get drunk by pouring a shot of vodka directly onto the eyeball. Call me crazy, but this seems not only stupid, but a great way to earn a trip to the emergency room.

10. Drink safely

No matter how you try to get drunk, you’ll do well to remember a simple safety tips. First, drinking alcohol leads to dehydration (the largest cause of hangovers). After years of drinking, I discovered a very simple way to deal with this problem: as soon as I could no longer feel my face, it was time to start drinking water. Second, always know how much you are drinking. If you can’t remember how much you’ve had, you might just have had too much. And we all know what drinking too much can lead to: alcohol poisoning.

11. Drink responsibly

What exactly does drinking responsibly mean? It’s very simple. Never drink and drive. In fact, never drink and do anything that could potentially be dangerous. Stay in a safe environment and have fun.

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