How To Help Your Girlfriend Relieve Stress – TO HAVE and TO HOLD

It is estimated that at least 70% of adults experience stress in their everyday life. There are those who carry their stress with ease, others with some difficulty, and lucky are those who come home after a very stressful day to a house filled with joyous experiences and people. Lucky are those who find someone who shares the experience of stress with a pleasant attitude.

For men, it is important to realize that the daily stoke of relationships do not always come with a walk on dandelions on a breezy Sunday morning. Because being a boyfriend goes beyond just the tickle of intimacy, or the excitement of feeling good, it also means being through the rough times. As a boyfriend, you play a huge role to help your girlfriend relieve stress. It’s all about having someone “to have” and “to hold”.




To help your girlfriend relieve stress, you must be available mentally for her. Sometimes, the daily rush of a girl’s busy day and emotional outbursts associated with it (yes, girls are too emotional), needs the companionship of a man who would caress her hair, hold her in the arm or watch a movie together. This lets the woman escape from the everyday nuisance of school, work or home, and be at peace with the man whose company means more than the world to her. There is also an element called therapeutic silence. This is the silence that reminds a woman that she is understood and that her feelings, although fleeting, are not disregarded.

Here are some tips to help your girlfriend relieve stress:

  1. If the girlfriend is a student and the stress comes from school, having breaks is the key. Whether simply driving around, or visiting a coffee shop, or going to a party on a weekend, the most important variable is knowing what is stressing the woman, and taking her out for a break away from the stressor.
  2. Listen to music together and make good music choices. Music stimulates a part of the brain which increases the production of happy hormones known as endorphins.
  3. Give her support by encouraging catharsis, or the expression of what or how she feels. Crying could afford relief from stressors, knowing especially that there is someone who listens.
  4. Do deep breathing. This kind of exercise has been one of the oldest and most effective ways to reduce stress. It resets brain activity and improves breathing.
  5. Meditation. Allot time to meditate. As said, meditation allows focus on balance and equilibrium. It paves the way for serene and sincere oneness with the body. This is one very peculiar activity boyfriends do with girlfriends, but is an effective way help your girlfriend relieve stress.

These techniques above listed are mental activities that have something to do with the workings of the brain. Hormones, which play a role in the stress response, can make or break our reactions to stressors. The saying “it’s all in the mind”, teaches that when the mind is conditioned to be attacked by stressors, counter mechanisms designed by the body may become dependent upon hormones secreted by the brain. Remember, “mind over matter”.


The other side of the coin, another technique to help relieve a girlfriend’s stress entails being physically present “TO HOLD.” From work or school, whether it be a noisy and irritating college buddy, a very pressing deadline, or a grumpy boss, boyfriends are there to be physically reassuring that their company equates to comfort. Because boys can be sometimes tired of all the drama, they often prefer doing the more physical ways of coping with stress. Most experts say that men solve problems by deriving solutions quickly, while girls think it over and over. Truth is, men usually avoid the hassle and bustle of being too emotional. Here are some tips:

  1. Dance to good music. Dancing produces rhythm and movement, henceforth producing chemicals that support brain growth. It also counters depressants.
  2. After work, help reduce stress by walking together. Exercise and being around with nature help reduce stress levels.
  3. Do acupressure or massage.  This traditional Chinese practice had been seen to lower stress by blocking the chronic anxiety and depression producing centers in the brain.
  4. Aerobic exercises also help. These exercises improve one’s breathing along with providing the benefits of exercise: releasing the negative energy. The long term effects of exercise can also be seen as an increase in confidence level and feeling good. When people start noticing how the waistline shrinks and achieves its form, and the old uniform looks so different and stunning, hormone levels increase, producing a sense of well-being.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of a hug. Nothing truly beats human connection through physical touch. This may not seem like a powerful excuse, but it does lower stress levels by 7%, studies say. Touch has the power to soothe, to ease the mind and increase one’s perception of self-worth.

Stressors may significantly affect the brain, with its many nerve connections, and sadly, over time, with accumulated stress, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. It is important that as a boyfriend, you help your girlfriend relieve stress by enabling her to feel good about her body. When the body feels better, so does the mind. Scientists often relate how intimacy can decrease stress levels. Intimacy produces relaxation, for example by the action of the love hormone oxytocin, which floods the body, producing a sense of well-being and importance.

A simple kiss or hug goes a long way. The secret is doing it every day. The consistency of having someone who supports a woman’s daily endeavours will help to see positivity and see through a good day ahead. So never fail to kiss or hug her before she goes to work or school, if possible. No girlfriend deserves to be stressed that as a boyfriend, you should find a way to help your girlfriend relieve stress.

No love story is a fairytale, but there are happily ever after endings. Having a boyfriend who never leaves and sees through the busy office work, and is yet willing to offer his time is a rare find. Situations where you can help your girlfriend relieve stress are one of the few good reasons for holding on and never letting go.




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