Getting “Magic Mike” abs by following Matthew McConaughey’s Workout

You’ve seen the actors, you’ve seen the movie, but did you know that you, too, can get “Magic Mike” abs by following Matthew McConaughey’s workout? The 2012 movie about male strippers and exotic dancers requires Matthew McConaughey, the movie’s star, to have a perfect set of six pack abs. In order to accomplish this, he worked with a renowned celebrity trainer on a series of strenuous workouts that has been jokingly referred to as the “Matthew McConaughey Workout”. If you want to get the “Magic Mike” abs by following Matthew McConaughey’s workout, be prepared to put in the effort.

One of the most common misconceptions about Matthew McConaughey’s level of fitness is that is acquires it through the use of a team of personal trainers, nutritionists, gyms and masseuses. In reality, however, this is not the case. The actor achieved his tone look through nothing more than hard work and proper nutrition. Sure, the workout routines were intense and, according to his trainer, insane. But he is proof positive that expensive equipment, trainers and tons of questionable chemicals are not needed.

Training Routines

According to Matthew McConaughey’s fitness trainer, much of the workout routine consisted of a variety of different weights and cardio exercises and a quite extensive circuit routine. Including a variety of exercises like squat presses, hand walks, pull ups and leg squats, Matthew McConaughey’s workout involve six days per week of numerous intense 30 minute training sessions. While this may sound grueling to most (and you’d be right to assume so), it did enable the actor to get those perfect abs in just six weeks.

Nutrition and Supplements

Since Matthew McConaughey was already a fitness freak before training for his role in the 2012 hit movie, his normal diet just needed to be tweaked a bit. The macronutrient composition of his breakfasts were adjusted and three daily protein shakes (using an experimental whey protein formula) were added to the daily menu. Specifically, McConaughey increased his lean protein sources and decreased the number of carbs he had been eating each morning.

In terms of McConaughey’s basic meal plan, he started the day with a small breakfast and then sipped on protein shakes throughout the day. On the suggestion of his nutritionist he also sipped on some “good red wine” in order to fill out his muscles and bring out his vascularity.

Matthew McConaughey also made use of a few common supplements in his daily routine, including a multi vitamin, a green tea formula, and Co-Q10.

In his own words

When asked about his workout routines, Matthew McConaughey offered the following advice: it’s all about the approach. You have to tell yourself that you want to be in the best shape that you can possibly be in, and you have to believe it.

Distance vs Time

One of the keys to his workouts, especially while running, is distance, not time. Instead of worrying about how long he has been running, he sets a destination in mind and just goes for it. When asked why, he replies that he likes to be “sweating and tired as far away as possible” from where he started. This is actually a great idea, if you think about it. If you’re watching the clock, you’re likely to simply stop when the time reaches whatever magic number you have decided upon beforehand. But using McConaughey’s strategy, once you’re ready to quit, you can’t. You still have to make your way back to wherever you started.

Change it up a little

Matthew McConaughey’s workouts tend to involve what he refers to as “monkey wrenches”, sudden, unexpected changes in the exercise. For instance, while reacently out for a run with a friend, Matthew suddenly stopped and dropped to the ground. The friend, obviously concerned, turned back to discover that McConaughey had not been injured, but instead was doing pushups.

Use what you have

The actor’s main point is to use whatever you happen to already have available. Spending money and time going to a gym to workout is unnecessary. Instead of using expensive dumbbells, Matthew grabs a 20 pound rock to lift. And when all else fails, according to McConaughey, shadow box for 20 minutes.

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