Why We Can’t Get Enough of Sexy Women With Attitude

Sexy women with attitude rule the world. They have sultry attractiveness, a mindset that takes no sh*t and a stubbornness only a man can love; it is safe to say that women like this hold great power. But why, as men, are we so keen to find and keep a woman like this? We know that every relationship has its ups and downs; the ups with a woman like this are higher than a balloon on a spaceship. And we know from science that if the pendulum swings far to one side, it must swing the other way with equal force, so this means the low times with this woman are sure to feel like the 7th circle of hell.

Why then, do we obsess and brag when we find our boss lady? This is merely but a humble opinion based on years of experience and observation but I believe there is an explanation.

One could say we’ve been searching for a strong sexy women since we were children:

Being told what to do and how to act isn’t necessarily high on a man’s priority list. In today’s business world, the man who wants to be the provider must not take sh*t from anybody or he will be shunned and deemed soft. A “hard” image must be maintained to ensure continued success in the work place. That includes telling people what to do, making important decisions and sometimes having to make tough judgement calls. When we get home after a long day, we don’t want to hold that responsibility. We want to be able to kick back and relax and enjoy the spoils of our labour. Therefore, we need a sexy women with attitude to be there to help keep us on the straight and narrow.

A sexy women with attitude is a winner, she is a problem solver and a fighter:

She’s all the best parts of yourself but with something more. Something beyond our understanding that can’t simply be put into words in an online article. There’s a majesticness about them that is magnetizing. Sometimes you may try to distance yourself, but she keeps drawing you back in. You know that a woman like this is one who will stay faithful to her man as well. If she’s out on a girls night with her friends, they are sure to attract men looking to get lucky. A sexy woman with attitude doesn’t have to say “no” by proclaiming her relationship status. She doesn’t need you to help keep the bogeys at bay. She can and will do it by her sheer prowess. Before the dude even knows what happened, she will leave him with his head spinning and then text you to see how your night is going.

A sexy woman with attitude is a force of nature:

It is one of the best gifts we as men have received in this beautiful world. A sexy woman with attitude can make you feel like the king of your domain. Have you ever heard, “behind every great man, is a great woman”? So get out there and don’t be let down if you don’t break down the walls on the first try! Keep at it, because a sexy woman with attitude may be hard to get, but she’s worth it.


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