9 Low Carb Beers That Will Allow You to Get Drunk Without Getting Fat

Have you ever wondered about low carb beers that will allow you to get drunk without getting fat?

We all have heard the terms “beer gut” or “beer belly”. Unfortunately beer seems to have that effect on many people because of the sugars that remain behind in the beer after fermentation. Luckily, however, many beer manufacturers have begun to see the need for low carb beers, and have actually produced some great ones.

Below you will find 9 of the best.

michelob_ultra1. Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra, produced by Anheuser Busch was the first actual low carb beer put on the market. The original Ultra beer has only 96 calories and 2.6g carbs per serving.

Michelob also produces a variety of Ultra beers with varying flavors, but these generally contain more sugars and are, therefore, higher in carbs.


Amber Ultra2. Amber Ultra

Amber Ultra is Michelobs second low car beer, containing only 3.2g carbs. Amber Ultra is aptly named because of its amber color, and has a rich, full bodied, malty taste.

Some consider the taste of Amber Ultra to be similar to that of caramel.It has a short aftertaste is considered by some to taste watered down.


Miller Lite3. Miller Lite

Miller lite, produced by the Miller Brewing Company, is generally considered to have been the first mainstream light beer.

Originally produced as “Gablinger’s Diet Beer” by a New York biochemist, the recipe for Miller Lite was eventually sold to Meister Brau, one of Miller Brewing Company’s competitors. However, when Miller acquired Meister Brau, they also obtained the recipe for this low carb beer. Miller lite contains 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


MGD 644. MGD 64

Miller Genuine Draft, often shortened to simply MGD, is another product of the Miller Brewing Company. Introduced to the market in 1985, MGD was touted as the “original cold filtered packaged draft beer”, meaning that the beer was not pasteurized, a process by which a food or liquid is rapidly heated and cooled in order to slow the grown of microbes.

MGD 64 is a lighter version of the original Miller Genuine Draft, containing only 64 calories and 2.4 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


Coors Light5. Coors Light

Produced by the Coors Brewing Company, Coors Lights is an excellent choice for low carb beers that will allow you to get drunk without getting fat.

Coors Light contains 102 calories and only 5.3 grams of carbohydrates per serving, and has become well known and a favorite among many beer drinkers. In fact, in the 1990’s Coors Light became a sponsor of a professional cycling team, and in 2008 became the official beer of NASCAR. Coors light is still, to this day, an official sponsor of the National Hockey League.


Keystone Light6. Keystone Light (MillerCoors)

Keystone Light is produced by the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. First introduced in 1989 in California, Keystone Light is most commonly found in cans or kegs, but is occasionally bottled.

You have undoubtedly seen television commercials starring the fictional “Keith Stone,” a character created by the Coors Brewing Company specifically to be a spokesman for the Keystone Light brand. These commercials are witty and comedic, and have gained quite a following. Keystone Light contains 104 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


Budweiser Select 557. Budweiser Select 55

Budweiser Select was created by Anheuser Busch, the largest brewing company in the United States. Anheuser Busch is so large, in fact, that they claim almost 50% of all beer sales in the country.

Budweiser Select 55 contains only 55 calories (hence the name) and only 1.9 grams of carbohydrates per serving, less than most other low carb beers currently available on the market. According to officials at Anheuser Busch, Budweiser Select 55 was created as a direct response to the Miller Brewing Company’s Miller Genuine Draft 64 (MGD 64).

Anheuser Busch claims, in fact, that Budweiser Select 55 is currently the lightest beer available in the entire world.


Amstel Light8. Amstel Light

Amstel Light is a Dutch beer that was originally brewed at the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, until being purchased by Heineken International in 1968 and moved to Heineken’s main plant at Zoeterwoude.

Amstel Light boasts 95 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


Corona Light9. Corona Light

Corona Light is a pale colored Mexican beer, and one of the top-selling beers in the world. Corona Light is also touted as the safest beer for people with intolerances to gluten, such as those with celiac disease, due to the beer’s very low gluten quantities.

Corona Light contains only 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving.


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