9 Irish Whiskey Brands that Every Alpha Should Know and Drink

There are quite a few brands, but here are the top 9 Irish whiskey brands that every alpha should know and drink. Irish whiskey was one of Europe’s earliest distilled drinks, coming into widespread use in the 12th century. It is believed that Irish Monks were the first to bring the distilling process back to Ireland after traveling to the Mediterranean two centuries previously, although for the first 200 years the process was primarily used to create perfumes. After realizing the capabilities of the distilling process, the Irish modified the technique to produce a drinkable spirit.

Bushmills 21 year old (single malt)1. Bushmills 21 year old (single malt)

This single malt whiskey, produced by Bushmills, is aged for 21 years in sherry casks and bourbon bottles, giving the whiskey a distinct taste and aroma. After aging the whiskey is placed into vats and married (left for a time in a vat or other large container after blending, but before being placed into bottles). This 21+ year process results in a whiskey that has a slight nutty flavor with hints of butterscotch and dried fruit, honey, cloves and oak. Like all aged whiskey Bushmills 21 year old single malt has limited quantities and, if you can find it, sells for about $115 per bottle.


Midleton Very Rare (blend)2. Midleton Very Rare (blend)

From the Midleton Distillery in County Cork comes this aged, limited quantity blend of triple distilled whiskeys. Bourbon seasons American oak casks are used to age this whiskey for between 12 and 21 years, resulting an a fresh, floral aroma. How does it taste? Like honey, herbs, almonds and lush fruits. Expect to pay at least $150 for a bottle of this fine Irish whiskey.

Redbreast 12 year old (pure pot still)3. Redbreast 12 year old (pure pot still)

Redbreast is, again, created at the Midleton Distillery in County Cork and is a pure pot still whiskey. Pure pot still, of course, being a term that refers to a distilling process in which a mixed mash of malted barley and unmalted “green” barley are combined in a single pot still. This type of whiskey is, for this reason, also commonly referred to as “single pot still whiskey”. Redbreast is aged for 12 years and has the aroma of apple, toffee and sherry. A bottle of Redbreast 12 year old whiskey will set you back about $50.

Green Spot (pure pot still)4. Green Spot (pure pot still)

Midleton Distillery releases only 500 bottles of Green Spot per year and has been called a “whiskey drinker’s whiskey” since the early 19th century. Green Spot is made with 7 to 8 year old pure pot still whiskey, 25% of which has been aged in sherry casks. Green Spot has a slight mentholated aroma, and a mild taste of cough drops and coffee. If you can find a bottle it will cost you around $60 for a bottle.

Jameson 18 year old (blend)5. Jameson 18 year old (blend)

Jameson is primarily aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry barrels, blended together and married (stored) for about half a year in bourbon barrels. Because of the three different whiskeys and aging process, the 18 year old Jameson provides a very complex taste of spice, vanilla, fudge, toffee, wood and leather. A bottle retails for around $65.

Knappogue Castle 1951 (pure pot still)6. Knappogue Castle 1951 (pure pot still)

Perhaps one of the finest Irish whiskeys available, Knappague Castle 1951 was aged in sherry caskes for 36 years before finally being bottled in 1987 by the now non-existent B. Daly Distillery in Tullamore. There are less than 1,000 bottles of this whiskey in existence, which carries an aroma of molasses and overripe banana. Because of the rarity of this whiskey you can expect to pay at least $1,000 for a bottle.

Connemara Cask Strength (single malt)7. Connemara Cask Strength (single malt)

From the Cooley Distillery in County Louth comes this smooth and sweet Irish whiskey that is bottled straight from the cask without being cut for uniformity. This means that every bottle can have a slightly different flavor that hints at toffee and dried fruit, as well as caramel, anise raisins and, oddly enough, peat. It has been said to finish with a “hot flash of pepper”. This single malt Irish whiskey can be had for about $60 per bottle.

Black Bush (blend)8. Bushmills Black Bush (blend)

Black Bush is the original single malt Irish whiskey, produced by the Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim. Black Bush whiskey is generally created from whiskeys that have been aged for up to 11 years in sherry casks, before being blended with grain whiskey. This blended whiskey, with is aroma of sherry and taste of oak and dark chocolate, generally cost $29 a bottle.

Powers Irish Whiskey9. Powers Irish Whiskey

Powers is an Irish whiskey that has been triple distilled in both copper and column stills, before being aged for five to six years in bourbon casks. Powers Irish Whiskey is a well rounded drink with an aroma of wood, honey and pepper. A bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey can be had for about $17.

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